Deposit Policy

A deposit is required before any customer will be given an appointment in the studio diary.

Artwork, custom designs and research will only be carried out once a client has been booked into the diary.
Should you need to change your appointment for any reason, a minimum of 2 WEEKS NOTICE will be required in order for any deposits to be transferred to a new date or returned.

If the appointment is rescheduled by the client without two weeks notice or the client does not turn up to the scheduled appointment, the deposit will be kept by the artist and a new deposit will be needed for any further appointments.

Your appointment starts from the time you are booked into the diary and not from when you arrive at the studio.
If you are over 30 minutes late to your appointment and we haven’t heard from you, your deposit will be retained and you may lose your appointment to another client.

If you have any questions regarding the deposits please speak to a member of our team.