The style, size and placement of each tattoo will require slightly differing aftercare instructions, which will be explained in detail to you at the end of your appointment.

If you have any questions about the aftercare or healing process of your tattoo please get in touch.

General Aftercare

Only ever touch your new tattoo with clean hands.

Keep the tattoo clean and gently moisturised for at least two weeks.

Try to wear loose fitting clothing during the healing process. 

Do not expose the skin to chlorine for at least 6 weeks after being tattooed.

Do not expose the tattoo to strong sunlight whilst healing.

On some occasions we also offer second skin bandages for healing your tattoo.

Long-term Care

To keep tattoos looking their best, long-term care is needed.

Moisturizing them regularly and using a high factor SPF is key to keeping them bright and vibrant for years to come.